Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7th, 2013

We met Robyn's sister and brother-in-law at the DFW airport and then went back to the Windstar Casino for 4 days.  Nobody had any luck at the machines, but Robyn won $100 at bingo.  We then drove to Branson Missouri and stayed for 4 days.  We took in a couple of shows and a few buffet's.  Both were quite good.  Rob's sister and husband got on the plane in Branson on Wednesday and we drove back to the Windstar for the night.  We headed south on Thursday because the low for the night was going to be 12 above and stayed in North Houston in a nice park.  Thankfully we missed the snow & ice that hit Dallas & closed the DFW airport.

We took off Friday morning and ended up in New Iberia, La.  We plan on going to see the Tabasco factory and store today along with some other events in the area.  An interesting fact about Tabasco sauce: The Tabasco company has only 38 acres of farm ground.  They grow their special peppers and harvest the seed.  The seed is sent to Central and South America and grown to maturity.  The peppers are then harvested, mashed, and placed in white oak barrels and left to age.  After a period of time they are sent to the factory here, mixed with vinegar and left to age.  After aging for about a year, barrels are opened and the sauce is bottled.  When I first got here I expected to see fields and fields of peppers growing but the only thing they grow around here is sugar cane.  I am going to see if we can score some fresh seafood today.  We are headed out Sunday morning and stopping in Gulfport MS for the night.  Leaving Gulfport Monday morning and staying in Panama City, FL. for a couple of days.  We have been trying to stay ahead of the cold rain, sleet, and snow and so far we have done well.  It has rained on us but that's all. 
Winstar Casino is the 2nd largest casino in the world.  It has 8 different cities represented inside:
New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Cairo, & Madrid.

Here is Shanna & Mike in Cairo.

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