Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013

     Well, I haven't added anything for awhile so here it goes.  We ended up staying in Georgetown Texas at a real nice park.  It just so happens, that the weekend we planned on being in or around Austin Tx, it was Formula 1 race week.  Austin has the best track for this type of racing in the US.  It was also OU vs Texas football.  All the RV parks were full and they had doubled their price to stay plus you had to commit to a 3 day stay.  The park we found was in the country North of Austin and they did not try to gouge us.  We visited with good friends, ate some good bar-b-que, but missed out on the breakfast tacos.  This appears to be a big deal in this part of the country.  Instead of breakfast burritos, its breakfast tacos.  However, I am still in the area of this yummy treat so I will try them.  We moved to Grandbury Texas Thursday past and are visiting old friends we knew from  Denver.  We will be heading to Thackerville Oklahoma on Monday the 25th to spend Thanksgiving with family at the Windstar Casino. 

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